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Jim Tsatsanis Entrepreneur/Mathematician BS,Msc - BS International Business Management

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Online courses Mathematics and Economics (possibility of attendance internationally) in :

▪High school students,IB (International Baccalaureate/IB Maths,IB Economics - Business Management),SAT Maths,GCE Maths

▪Students of Higher Education (Colleges,International Universities)

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Mob : 00306981755728

E-mail : jim_tsatsanis@yahoo.gr

• Online University Courses in Mathematics and Economics

• Private Tutoring and tutoring in large groups

• Notes

• Use of extracurricular aids

• Price per hour : 25 €

Working experience with a demonstrated history (as employee first and as stockholder later) at Tutorial Educational Centers of Intermediate Education (November 2013-June 2016).Later at University Tutorial Center focused in research tasks (November 2016-June 2019).

• Teaching experience (Bachelor and Master courses) in Financial Mathematics,Infinitive calculus,Mathematical analysis,Linear algebra,Analytical geometry,Ordinary differential equations,Algebra,Probability,Statistics,Linear programming,Complex analysis,Differential geometry,Numeral Analysis,Combinatorial,International Business (Marketing Management and Management of Organisations)
• Facilitating and guiding the learning process in small sized student groups
• Supervising and grading projects

▪Now i am working as a Lecturer at a University Tutorial Center in Cyprus teaching University courses focused in Mathematics and Economics (June 2020 - present) and as a Freelance teaching IB (IB Maths,IB Economics - Business Management),SAT Maths,GCE Maths and online University courses (focused in Mathematics and Economics) globally at International students (July 2020 - present).

▪My other business jobs are focused in e-Commerce and Agricultural Business Exporting

▪Strong operations professional with a BSc in Mathematics from University of the Aegean (4 years),Master studies in Mathematical Science from the Hellenic Open University (2 years) and also i have a degree in International Business Management (3 years)


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Νομός Αττικής

  • Αθηναίων

Βιογραφικά Στοιχεία

  • Ηλικία: 30 ετών

  • Τόπος Διαμονής: https://gr.linkedin.com/in/jim-tsatsanis-55a811157

  • Τηλέφωνο: 00306981755728

  • Ιστοσελίδα: gr.linkedin.com/in/jim-tsatsanis-55a811157

  • Τίτλοι Πτυχίων

    • Department of Mathematics
      University of the Aegean

    • International Business Management
      University of Cambridge

    Τίτλοι Μεταπτυχιακών

    • Msc in Mathematical Science
      Hellenic Open University

    Διδακτική Πείρα

    • 17-01-2022

      ▪ BSc in Mathematics and Bsc in International Business Management

      ▪ Master studies in Mathematical Science 

      I have taught :

      Secondary education

      ·            Junior High School, High School, Vocational High School

      ·            Preparation for Pan-Hellenic Examinations

      ·            International Baccalaureaute (IB Maths,IB Economics - Business Management)

      University education

      ·             Infinitive calculus

      ·             Mathematical analysis

      ·             Linear algebra

      ·             Analytical geometry

      ·             Ordinary differential equations

      ·             Algebra

      ·             Probability

      ·             Statistics

      ·             Linear programming

      ·             Financial Mathematics

      ·             Complex analysis

      ·             Differential geometry

      ·             Numeral Analysis


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